Snow Removal Tips You Should Know


As winter dumps snow on Harford and Baltimore Counties, with snow and frost, homeowners find themselves facing the annual challenge of snow removal. Proper snow removal is crucial not only for maintaining a neat and safe property but also for ensuring the longevity of your lawn and landscaping. In this blog post, we’ll share essential snow removal tips tailored for Harford and Baltimore County residents to make the winter season more manageable.

Keep It Clean:

Before the first snowfall, ensure your lawn is free from debris like fallen leaves and branches. These can create an environment for disease and hinder sunlight from reaching the grass. Rake up leaves and dispose of them properly to allow your grass to breathe.

Early Preparation

Before the first snowfall, it’s essential to prepare your property. Check your snow removal equipment, such as snow blowers and shovels, ensuring they are in good working condition. Stock up on ice melt and sand to use on walkways and driveways.

Safe Shoveling Techniques:

When shoveling snow, use proper techniques to avoid strain or injury. Lift with your legs, not your back, and take frequent breaks to prevent overexertion. Shovel in layers, removing small amounts at a time, especially if the snow is heavy.

Choose the Right De-Icing Products:

Harford County residents should be mindful of environmental impacts when choosing de-icing products. Opt for environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional rock salt, such as calcium magnesium acetate or sand, to minimize harm to lawns and plants.

Clearing Pathways and Walkways:

Focus on clearing pathways and walkways first to ensure safe pedestrian access. Use a snow blower for larger areas, and follow up with a shovel for precise clearing around steps and entryways.

Protect Your Lawn and Landscaping:

Avoid piling large snowdrifts onto your lawn or landscaping features. Heavy snow can damage grass and plants. Instead, disperse snow evenly or create designated snow storage areas away from delicate plants.

Timely Removal

Address snow removal promptly after each snowfall. Timely removal prevents snow from compacting and turning into ice, making the process more challenging later on.

Collaborate With Neighbors

Establish a community spirit by collaborating with neighbors on snow removal efforts. Clearing shared pathways and driveways collectively not only eases the workload but fosters a sense of community.

Professional Assistance:

In cases of heavy snowfall or if you are unable to handle snow removal on your own, consider hiring a professional snow removal service. Superior Touch has the expertise and equipment to manage even larger commercial properties effectively.

Stay Safe Out There!

Snowfalls always see a rise in accidents and hospitalizations. Whether from shoveling strain, cold, or slippery conditions people do get hurt, so please stay safe and stay warm!

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